Channel Attention, Energy, and Time to High-Leverage Pursuits aligned with my [foundational values link] and [life compasses link].

  1. Refine & remember My Why (link). Why do I do what I do? How do I want to live? [link to "Manifestation Document for the year"]

  2. Prioritize. What do I want to celebrate?

Top 3 Directions

& Their Process Priorities:

Take time to Schedule in Calendar and [actions visualizers link]. Also look at somedaybe/look into lists there.

  1. Strengthen Relationships: send something valuable (article / video / thank you) to at least one person in:

Intentional Relationship Aid Template

See if I can do a 5-minute favor — a small commitment to me, but could be of large benefit to one of my relationships.

  1. Thank you.


  1. Review of Wheel of Life Systems: